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PC Related:
  •     New and Used computers (both desktops and servers)
  •     Laptops
  •     printers (Laser & Inkjet) and scanners
  •    Hardware assembling
  •    Operating System and software installation and configuration
  •    Peripheral installation and testing
  •    Troubleshooting system level problems and internet access etc.
Onsite services available.

Server & Network Services:
Installation and configuration of servers, workstations, hubs, switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. Server and network problem diagnosis and resolution.
Examples of Server and Network Related Services:
  •     Print and file server
  •     P2P Wireless High Speed Local Area Networking
  •     Internet connection sharing
  •     Network security
  •     Local Area Network (LAN) design and implementation
  •     Addition of servers and workstation to network
  •     Backup and restore
  •     Network wide virus software and update
  •     Software development (ERP)
  •     ADSL access and sharing
  •     Server design and build (hardware)
  •     Server design, installation and configuration (software)
  •     Backup design and configuration (hardware and software)
Onsite services available.

Electrical Home/Office Appliance:
  •     Window, Split & Cabinet-AC, Frost & No-frost refferigenerators, Disposer and Water Coolers body denting & painting, Compressor repairing/replacement and GAS charging
  •     Cooking-ranges Service, denting & painting
  •     Fancy/traditional Lights fitting
  •     Electric Fans fitting and repairing
  •     UPS and Rechargeable LED Lights
  •     CD/DVD Players service and
  •     Water Geasers and Air Cooler body denting & painting
  •     Microwave Oven, Toaster & Iron adjustment and repairing
  •     Electrical wiring (singe & three phase)
  •     Coil winding of Electric Motors (singe & three phase).
Onsite services available.

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