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ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY is a well established local IT and Electrical Appliances service provider in Multan that offers the best possible services to our valuable customers in Multan region.

ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY is merger of New Waves Computers (IT service provider) and Shoukat Cooling Center (Electrical Appliances service Provider).
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY is a Multan based Information Technology (IT) and Electrical Appliances consultancy & services provider. We have been serving our services in Multan region since March 2000 (as old name New Waves Computers) and since February 1994 (as Shoukat Cooling Center). We believe in offering quality services while keeping the prices as low as possible.

Our services cover all common items for today's Information Technology (IT) and Electrical Appliances needs at home and office.

Warranted Services:
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY is offering up to 3 months warranty of repairing and up to one year warranty of new part/device
Customer Satisfaction:
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY' philosophy is to provide service for customers at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost. Based on this principle, we promises to deliver a satisfaction level that exceeds our customers' expectations, and strives to provide the highest value to our customers through a fast, accurate and differentiated service based on multi-angle analysis of the customers' satisfaction and expectation levels.
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY is providing priority support to their valuable customers. You just call SMS or mail to our helpdesk and log your issue; our representative will contact and visit your Home/Office to provide the solution.
At ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY, professional services are charged according to the nature of work involved, the level of expertise and experience required, and locations where services are being carried out. We recommend that clients make an appointment with our engineer to discuss the nature and scope of work before you have to commit any thing with us. After discussion, an outline of plan and subsequent charge schedule will be produced by ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY staff. Quality services and affordable prices are the key to our success.

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